Saturday, May 3, 2014

What Is A Footprints And How to Use Them

What Is A Footprints And How to Use Them

Hai friends This Post I just Teel You that A footprint is a piece of code or a sentence that website scripts have.
Let me show you some example, assume a person creates a website about “learning php” and   wish to start a forum for its members to discuss about tips. In order to do so, they need choose some kind of forum script to use, such as phpbb, vBulletin or others.

The most common footprint that you will see is the “Powered by” footprint. In case the person uses the phpbb forum script, there is a footprint in all installations of phpbb, which is “Powered by phpbb” at the bottom of the forum.

Therefore, if you search for “powered by phpbb” with Google, you’ll find a TON of forums running on the phpbb script.

For every blogging script, commenting script, guestbook script, forum script, etc.You can always find a common footprint to look for.
But you need not do any of the hardwork. Because I already compiled a pretty good list to get you started.

When we combine these footprints with advanced search operators our keywords and some crafty thinking, they could be very powerful.
Almost all of these footprints can be used with your niche keyword(s) to return relevant results. As we all know, Google gives more importance to niche relevant backlinks and it’s just a great way to dig deeper in Google by using keywords.

I am not going to just give you a list of footprints and leave you to wonder how they really work. But I am going to show you how to do it yourself, so that you can create your own search strings and find unlimited backlinks on demand when ever you want and whenever you need and how many you wish.

But before starting out you need to know a few common footprints.
MISC Footprints:Register.php
related URLs
related sites
add url
add site
add website
add your site
submit url
submit website
submit your
site submit
a url submit
a website submit
a site suggest
url suggest website
suggest your site
suggest a url